The Joe Budden Podcast Live w/ Rory & Mal

Joe Budden is best-known for his decade-plus rap career, both solo and as a member of the group Slaughterhouse. But from the very beginning, Budden has been business-savvy, ambitious and ahead of the curve.

From the time he signed his first record deal in the early 2000s, Budden was curious about the Internet. He used it to talk to fans, and even ended up sharing his life with his following by live streaming on platforms like UStream and BlogTV.

Budden also expanded outside of the realm of being a rapper, into becoming a larger personality. Most recently, he moved into reality television and podcasting. Budden was a cast member of Love & Hip Hop: New York in 2013-2014 and Couples Therapy in 2015. He also hosts a podcast called I’ll Name This Podcast Later. 

Budden’s “I’ll Name This Podcast Later” stays at the top of the podcast charts week after week and for good reason. His show consists of himself along with his co-hosts Rory and Marisa Mendez talking about everything from their personal lives to current events in Hip Hop, news headlines and updates on what Joe is currently working on in his music career. It gives fans a chance to get to know Joe on more of a personal level and as most of his fans already know, he’s not one to bite his tongue when it comes to voicing an opinion.

Since its inception the podcast has proven to be a great fit for Joe. Week after week he’s able to vent his thoughts, raw and unfiltered, and get them out directly to all of his fans. Of course he had an established career before the podcast, but there’s no denying it has helped him with exposure.

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