Kosha Dillz

Kosha Dillz is no shtick. Imagine a division I wrestler turned criminal that describes the seriousness of his back story in good fun; now learn the name Kosha Dillz.

The freestyle wordsmith, born and bred in New Jersey to Israeli parents, combines light hearted tales of his former drug addicted dealing days and rapper qualification era to the newly taken cappuccinos, slip on shoes and west coast flavor. He is notorious for freestyling, in Span-Hebrish (spanish, hebrew, english). He can headline any bar mitzvah, and tour with Wu Tang. He is the best Jewish Rapper in Korea Town. His off set approach has achieved him accolades in 2 years, what some people won’t achieve in a lifetime. Don’t analyze it to much; this is who he really is.

Receiving press in everything from SPIN and Billboard to XXL Magazine, Los Angeles Times and The Jewish Week (2013’s 36 under 36) Kosha covers all boundaries in the music world while overstepping them at the same time in tasteful measure. Songs about “sweatpants” to “garage sales” and “Hangin’ out” with “cellular phones” might not be able to wow the toughest hip hop people in the world, but he has landed in the studio with everyone from Grammy Nominated reggae singer Matisyahu to Rza of the Wu Tang Clan. His songs cover all areas of his expertise, from the dark world of addiction and emotion roller coasters of dating to being addicted to the internet and eating specific food items. His style of music is best described as “user-friendly” For that reason, his music has been licensed to countless TV shows and Film.

Notorious for his work ethic and ability to switch scenes at any moment, and appear at any event in the world at any time, Kosha Dillz is currently working on his sophmore LP The Schmoozer, which features indie vet Murs and media darling Gangsta Boo. His documentary film, Kosha Dillz is Everywhere: The Hustle To Happiness, due out late 2013, features appearances ranging from Rza and Mike Tyson to comedian Andy Dick, and documents two years of his journey to happiness in the midst of a failing indie career. Within the film, highlights show Kosha being the first rapper to ever rap in Hebrew @ The Bet Awards in its entire history, performing on Yo Gabba Gabba Live! and doing a complete financial 180 by landing the #1 rated Superbowl commercial of 2012 according to USA Today.

In 2012, Kosha Dillz has performed with anyone you can imagine. He opened on stages for the likes of Macklemore, Mac Miller and Action Bronson on the Paid Dues and Rock The Bells Festival, as well as doing nearly 20 renegade dates on the Vans Warped Tour and a performance at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. in 2013, he has supported internet sensation Turquoise Jeep on a nearly sold out West Coast Tour. Can you imagine a good time feeling awkward, reliving your middle school experience in a older life, saying the things you never did, learning how to rap, and speaking languages you don’t understand? These are things that may happen at a Kosha Dillz show. No two shows are ever alike.

Join him for the ride (but bring gas money). You will like it (most likely). You will like him (hopefully). He will like you (obviously).

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