Superstars of Jazz Fusion ft. Roy Ayers, Lonnie Liston Smith, & Ronnie Laws

Feat. Roy Ayers, Lonnie Liston Smith, & Ronnie Laws

Some of the world¹s most talented and innovative musicians together on one stage. Individually, the artists have created and shaped their genres; together they make up perhaps the greatest jazz fusion ensemble. Featuring a selection of hits from throughout the years, listeners will enjoy the notorious jazz fusion sound that defined and inspired a new school of musicians.

The Superstars of Jazz Fusion continue to light up stages across the country with their kinetic live performances. While each is uniquely talented, as an ensemble they feed off of each other in a way that makes the listening experience comparable to none. Vibraphonist Roy Ayers is credited as being one of the forefathers of the Jazz Fusion genre. His career, spanning nearly four decades, is as versatile as the sound he champions. Ayers’ music has stood the test of time, and has proven to be more than relevant for new generations of musicians. His work is widely sampled today by everyone from Tribe Called Quest to Naughty by Nature proving time and again the impact of his musicianship. His recent collaborations have included Erykah Badu and Betty Wright, showcasing not only his extreme talent, but also his ability to reach across generations of musicians. It is without question that Ayers music will continue to inspire artists throughout the world for years to come.

Lonnie Liston Smith revolutionized the keyboard sound. Inspired by the great horn players of the genre from Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, and Miles Davis. Liston Smith discovered ways to bend his instrument to model the sounds of his mentors. His unique style of playing instantly earned him spots backing some of the most recognized musicians of the day. Eventually, Liston Smith became a member of Pharaoh Sanders’ ensemble where he was encouraged to improvise with new sounds and techniques. Liston Smith rose to the challenge; creating layers of sound that would make him a stand out performer. His skills were so impressive. He was asked by his idol, Miles Davis, to be a part of his band and epic recording Big Fun. Soon, Liston Smith was the leading man of the show, recording a series of acclaimed albums. Much like Ayers, Liston Smith has been able to stay relevant, constantly evolving and lending his sound to up and coming musicians in genres across the board.

Enter Ronnie Laws in any search engine, and you¹ll find worldwide die hard admirers of his unique and compelling musical voice. They describe his work as outstanding, timeless, funky, badass, high-quality, and real music to make you MOVE! People continue to sample his grooves, and admire his style. For more than 35 years, this musical legend has used his saxophone and his voice to satisfy his audience.

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