KRS-ONE: The Supreme Hip Hop TEACHA
Since his emergence in Hip Hop, KRS-ONE has impacted the world with a philosophy on life, music and culture. An acronym for “Knowledge Reigning Supreme,” KRS first made himself known in 1985 with the group, Boogie Down Productions, writing rhymes that rejected the exploitation of Hip Hop and centered on peace, love, and unity.

In addition to being a part of Boogie Down Productions, KRS-ONE has established a profound and ground-breaking solo career as both a rapper and speaker, lecturing at over 500 universities nationwide. It is this unprecedented approach to both culture and Hip Hop that draws massive audiences of listeners ready and willing to consciously learn and be captivated. Whether it’s his perspectives on vegetarianism and spiritual exploration or remarkable freestyle abilities, KRS-ONE is without question one of the most influential icons of our time.

KRS-ONE has continued to engage with every individual he comes in contact with living and breathing the true essence of Hip Hop. KRS-ONE has single-handedly provided an undeniable uniqueness to those on both the domestic and international landscape eager to hear an authentic voice of a legendary TEACHA.

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